My mosaic designs revolve around nature themes, and often human or animal subjects, where energy abounds. I have discovered that the physicality of hand cutting the tesserae, laying them in specific arrangement, taking into consideration size, shape, color, texture, direction, flow, as well as the interstices between the pieces, enables me to feel as if I am creating life within the realm of artistic expression. One individual piece of a mosaic may blend into the background, or stand apart and draw attention. It is challenging and exhilarating to transform a piece of glass into a bird feather, human pupil, or leaf blowing in the wind.

I am continually experimenting with creating sculptural forms with custom cement mixes, fiberglass mesh, and other repurposed and found materials, for mosaic application. I am aware of my personal challenge to reuse materials, as well as the global benefits to taking advantage of these items, and showcasing their viability and beauty in a unique way.  

I bring a fresh appreciation for the art medium of mosaic, as well as the amazing detail of our living world. I use glass tesserae most often since the reflective quality and brilliance of color give beauty and energy to my work. I sometimes juxtapose glass with slate, ceramic, mirror, or pebbles for texture and homage to earthy materials. My work considers the versatility and permanence of the medium, since it can be suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, wet or dry conditions, and a wide range of temperatures. In this way, my art has practical considerations, and may be used beyond the confines of a gallery wall to enhance the aesthetics of our manufactured world, and bring to those spaces a celebration of the animation and vigor of life.